This document is published by virtue of a legal requirement under the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 that requires ‘intermediaries’ to publish the rules and regulations, privacy policy and terms for access or usage of the website and is primarily governed by Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 and Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011.

By registering on our website on our website and accessing it on a continuous basis, you express your consent and confirm to AEMS Tutorials collecting, maintaining, using, processing, and disclosing your personal and other information in accordance with this privacy policy.

AEMS Tutorials has its full intention to always protect the privacy of its user (whether or not registered with AEMS) on its website and also the privacy of their data provided to AEMS Tutorials from time to time. The privacy of our website users is extremely important to us and we are strongly committed to your right to privacy and to keeping your personal and other information secure. We encourage you to read our privacy statement to understand what types of personally identifiable in formation we collect and how we use this information.

Our website may collect your personal information for the purpose of providing you with the best quality services. This information allows us to identify you as a user and helps us better understand your requirements.

This privacy policy only handles the information you shared with us on our website either as a registered user or a mere guest visitor. We shall in no manner or situation be liable or bound for the protection of your information, if any, which may be shared by you on third party web domains.

We urge you to carefully review the privacy policy of any third party website before accessing it and to be very cautious before you disclose any or all of your personal information on such websites.

What kind of information do we here at AEMS Tutorials collect from you?
  1. Personal information

    If you access our website, AEMS requires you to register on our website by providing your name, email ID, personal phone number, password, location and gender. The website may also prompt you to share a photograph of you that will be used to help better identify your profile amongst others. You may or may not provide us with your photograph at your own discretion.

    All such information is shared on a limited basis by us with AEMS Professionals in order to facilitate faster process between the student and the tutor. Further, in order to consummate some transactions, we may at time also require you to submit your credit card or debit card and/or bank details through a secure third party payment gateway provider. Bank details such as account number, card details etc. will be required in certain circumstances. Such information will always be kept strictly confidential by us.

    We may also collect other information including but not limited to your feedback, suggestions, views, comments, etc. that may or may not have been shared voluntarily by you on our discussion forums or other pages which you may access or visit on our website.

    You are advised to exercise discretion before you make any of your information or details public, as they may be vulnerable to misuse and can be easily misused. AEMS Tutorials in this regard fully disclaims any liability or claim which may arise due to the misuse of such information shared online by you, by ant third party or any party unknown to AEMS Tutorials.

    Any kind of information exchanged by you with AEMS Tutorials in the form of a written communication, a response to an email, feedback required from you, or participation in discussions, etc. shall be deemed to be confidential. All such information shall be owned by AEMS Tutorials and shall be available for the exclusive use of AEMS Tutorials. Our website does not collect any information about you unless you specifically and consciously provide it to us. AEMS Tutorials DOES NOT trade or sell your information in any manner, except specified herein, or if express consent is sought from you.

  2. Non-personal Information

    AEMS Tutorials also collects some other information from you while you access our website such as the details about the browser you are using, the operating system of your device, the URL of the previous website you visited, details of our internet service provider and your IP address. These information and details usually cannot be used to personally identify you.

    Information and details mentioned above are used by us to improve the website content and its performance. By accessing on our website, you give us concsent to collect such information including but not limited to the usage statistics and usage data from our use of our website for better evaluation of your usage of our products and services. These statistic data collected may or may not be aggregated. these statistics contain no personal information about you and therefore can not be used to identify you.

  3. Cookies

    We use the standardized technology called “Cookies” and web server logs just like some other commercial web sites. This is done to collect information about how our website and its contents or services is being used. Cookies are a small piece of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. They are only read by the servers that place them and are unable to harm your computer in any manner. Cookies allow our web servers to recognize you every time you return to our website including the date and time of your visits, web pages viewed, time spent on our website and the websites visited just before and just after our website. We also employ cookies to verify your registration or password information during certain sessions so that you do not have to provide your password to the website multiple times as you navigate the site and suggest products or services that may interest you.

  4. Session data

    Our AEMS Tutorials website automatically logs generic information about your computer’s connection to the internet, which is called the “session data”. This is anonymous and is not linked to any of your personal information and details. Session data consists of information such as the IP address, operating system, type of browser you are using and the activities conducted by you on our website.

    We collect session data because it is very useful while analyzing things such as the items visitors are likely to click on the most, the way in which the visitors use our website, number of visitors surfing to various pages on the site, time spent by each visitor on the pages they navigate to and the frequency of their visit.

  5. Protection of personal information

    We here at AEMS Tutorials are committed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. Whenever AEMS Tutorials obtains personal information from you, our website uses commercially reasonable efforts and general industry standards to keep it protected from any kind of unauthorized access or disclosure. AEMS Tutorials uses its best resources to keep the physical, electronic and procedural safeguards maintained, that aim to protect your personal information against misuse, los, modification, damage and unauthorized access or disclosure.

    However, AEMS Tutorials will accept no liability whatsoever for any kind f disclosure of personal information due to unauthorized third-party access o other acts of third parties, or ay other acts or omissions beyond reasonable control of AEMS Tutorials.

This privacy policy provides a statement of ways in which AEMS Tutorials aims to protect your personal information. The terms and conditions of this policy may be changed from time to time, without any prior notice or consent from its users. The revised policy will be deemed effective the moment it is uploaded on our web site. Everyone shall be bound by the revised privacy policy and it is your own sole responsibility to check the same from time to time.

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