All of us here at AEMS believe that every child is different and special in his or her own way. They have different learning and grasping capabilities. Some students learn and understand concepts very quickly, while some may require additional support and attention to help them study effectively and achieve excellence in their exams.

So, we provide a solution right at your doorstep! Our experienced and ambitious home tutors will be right at your service to help your child achieve his goals.

At school and coaching centers, there is always a time limit and teachers can only give limited amount of attention to each student. This may cause your child to lag or be uninterested in his studies. But we eliminate these problems by providing one on one private home tuitions. Your child will get personalized attention from our tutors and will be able to learn and understand the topics better.

Some students shy away from interacting with their teachers but our tutors make sure that your child is always comfortable in asking and getting their doubts cleared. Taking home tuitions also removes the occurrence of any distractions that may affect your child’s concentration.

If your child feels that he/she is weak in any particular subject or topic, you can ask our tutors to make special efforts for the same. Our tutor will help improve your child’s concentration and also improve the overall academic performance.

Our motto is “Excellence at your convenience”. Learning at your own place helps in better utilization of study time and ensure effective learning by maintaining a comfortable study environment. The primary benefit of signing up with AEMS home tuitions is that our home tutors will be willing to adjust their schedules according to your comfort. We give you the flexibility to choose your own preferred location, days and time of tutoring based on your availability.

A child needs a proper guidance and extra efforts to learn effectively and be able to perform good in their exams. And due to the time limit and number of students in a classroom, the teacher may be unable to correct all the faulty areas of each student. our home tutors help your ward in analyzing and correcting answers at every step. The tutor will give you a detailed productive feedback about your child which will motivate them to improve and keep doing better each time.

One common thing all parents worry about is the safety of their child. Sending your child, alone, to someone’s house or a coaching center might feel like a big risk to you. You may not be comfortable with the late-night timing of the coaching classes or the area of the coaching center. That is why we only recruit trusted and known people as home tutors. We make sure to provide you with high quality education and a proper care and implementation of your needs.

You can easily register on AEMS Tutorials and contact us to book your first demo class whenever you want!

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